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There is a very cool website that allows people to broadcast live over the Internet.  This website has potential in many areas but mostly for sharing things with others.  This will help to widen the audience and make the activity, whatever it may be more authentic.  An example of how you might use this has already been done.  A PYP school could use it to broadcast their PYP Exhibition.  What a great way to share the Exhibition with a much wider audience.

As with all tools found on the Internet, the teachers utilizing them are responsible for safety and must monitor its use to protect students.

Take a look at this exciting tool!

I wanted to add to this post.  We have used this tool many times to broadcast events.  One of the 4th Grade classes shared their assembly performance with the other participants in their Flat Classroom Project.  At the end of a unit the 5th Grade broadcasted their trade fair.  What makes this tool even better is that there are apps for both Android and iOS available.

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