Blogs in the Classroom

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Definition: Blog is short for web log.  It is like an electronic journal of sorts.  It allows the owner to create entries that become visible to the public.  Most times, anyone can read this information and make comment s about the content.

Example Sites


Word Press

SOS Blog

Relative advantage
Free to use
Blogs allow for multimedia writing
Extends the audience
Motivates the student to write better
Helps student engage with text and provides authentic writing experiences
Allows collaboration without boundaries
Can be subscribed to so students are informed when something has been updated

Integration Ideas

Students’ setup blogs to display written work they have created for peers to review and make comment on to improve the finished product.
Graphic design students use blogs to display work to peers for usability testing.
Students post reflections and analyses of assigned readings.
Class holds an online debate to explore positions on specific topics for later writing
Post class-constructed stories and essays
Teachers can use them as a way to communicate with parents

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