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Definition: a collaborative Web site set up to allow user editing and adding of content (this definition was taken from ).   Users of wiki’s can modify them easily to change the information on the page.  A very well known wiki is Wikipedia.

Example Sites

Wiki Spaces for teachers


Wiki Dot



Relative Advantage

Free to use
Good for unstructured, real-time collaboration like brainstorming
Allows collaboration from within and outside the classroom
Runs on older computers or computers with slower Internet connection
Helps students to become better collaborators
Helps students to become more adept at explaining things in written form
Helps to build technology personal skills

Integration Ideas

Students use a wiki for posting student, and teacher initiated inquiries, for students to collaborate to answer during a unit of inquiry.
Create a collaborative web site about the current unit of inquiry that covers the central idea and the inquiries into.
Students create a collaborative dictionary of words they found interesting from reading workshop
Students create collaborative book summaries based on books from reading groups
Use a wiki as the shell for electronic student portfolios
Use wiki’s for literature circles question and answer discussion time
Students use wiki to brainstorm ideas about science fair projects
Collaborative story writing

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