Technology Integration in English Language Learning or English as a Second Language

Why should technology be integrated into this area of the curriculum?

Technology resources can help to meet the needs of students at a variety of English level proficiency, supporting both their oral and written skills.

Relative Advantage

Teaching with technology has many advantages over traditional teaching strategies. Technology can bridge, language barriers, cultural differences, and distances. Technology can help the teacher meet the needs of a diverse student population by decreasing gaps in achievement for at risk and special needs students  and by improving student  attention, interest, and motivation .

Below are some ways technology can be integrated into the ESL program.

Internet for Instruction Integration

Problem: Students have difficulty in specific language skills acquisition
Integration Strategy: Make use of the plethora of websites that give in-depth practice of skills that often give students a hard time.

Relative Advantage Expected Outcome Resources
These websites not only give students a way to practice the new knowledge in an interactive and fun manner, they also can be used to help the teacher set up similar activities in the room to help meet their needs. Students will improve in the area of language skill and sub skills in which they were having difficulty


Internet for Instruction Integration

Problem: Students don’t understand new vocabulary words with our pictures.
Integration Strategy: Make use of the plethora of images available on the Internet. The use of these image will give the students something concrete to look at so they will be able to connect the new vocabulary word with the picture instantly knowing what the new word means.

Relative Advantage Expected Outcome Resources
Students will have a quick understanding of the new vocabulary words because they see what it is (visual scaffolding).  Pictures of almost everything can be found on the Internet quickly and efficiently.  Can be printed or displayed using a digital projector. Students will learn new vocabulary words faster and with greater ease.
Yahoo image search has a Creative Commons search filter that allows you to find images that are free to use legally.For more information got to this address:

Hoxie High School Educational Clipart

Absolute Web Graphics Archive

Internet for Instruction Integration

Problem: Students don’t understand words in a book being used.
Integration Strategy: Make use of online translation tools to help students translate the text into their own language. This will allow them to use the same text as everyone else and better understand the content.

Relative Advantage Expected Outcome Resources
These translators are free to use and accessibly wherever there is an Internet connection. Students will have a better understanding of the material.


Tool Software Integration

Problem: ESL students have difficulty giving presentations in English
Integration Strategy: Use presentation software to help the student organize their thoughts and give the presentation. This will allow students the opportunity to practice their presentation skills as well as learn valuable technology skills.

Relative Advantage Expected Outcome Resources
Presentation software supports the concepts being presented, teaches valuable presentation skills and can reduce stress and focus the presentation. Students will be able to make presentations to convey their knowledge to others.

Resources for educators


Instructional Software

Problem: Student fails to blend sounds to read a word.
Integration Strategy: Make use of multimedia learning software that reads words to you in a visual way showing how the sounds blend together. Games that help you practice blending words.

Relative Advantage Expected Outcome Resources
Students will be able to review missed concepts at own pace, in a fun and interactive manner. Improved ability to blend sounds to form words. bowl

Hay loft blending

The Pig Waller blending

Productivity Software

Problem: Teacher needs to create listening lab exercises including sound clips.
Integration Strategy: Make use of recording software that allows them to be saved as MP3s or other files that can be used in a listening center.

Relative Advantage Expected Outcome Resources
Teacher will be able to make recordings using material used in the classroom to help support ESL or ELL learners. ESL or ELL learners will better understand what is being taught and improve their listening skills documentation/windows/xp/all/proddocs/en-us/app_soundrecorder.mspx?mfr=true

More web resources

This information was taken from Integrating Educational Technology into Teaching (Roblyer, 4th Edition) companion website.

BAB Books
BAB Books provides online stories and resources for kids.

Randall’s Cyber Listening Lab
This site is a listening lab designed for self-directed study.

Little Explorers Picture Dictionary
This picture dictionary has 2,449 illustrated dictionary entries. Each word is used in a meaningful example sentence. Most entries have links to a related web site.

Thanks for reading,

Shannon Doak

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