Are your characters special? G Suite Add-On!

While this post is mainly focused on a great tool for teachers and students who need to add in a special character for a given language it does introduce the idea of a Google Doc add-on.  Google Doc add-on’s allow you to do many things that would not be possible in your Google Doc or other tool in the Google Suite.  There are many add-ons available for almost anything you can think of.   Want to add a mathematical equation to your Google Doc?  There is an add-on to help!  Want to dictate instead of type?  That’s possible too!

You can look for specific add-ons at Googles Official G Suite Marketplace or by going through the Add-on tab in the specific G Suite app you are using.

Language supported by Easy Accent
Language currently supported by Easy Accent

The focus of this #fridayedtechtip is the specific add-on known as Easy Accents.  This add-on specifically allows the user to insert special characters for the language they are typing.  For example students typing in Spanish who need to add one of these special character éñúáíóü¡¿€ it is as easy as clicking on the one you want.  Maybe students in Hawaiian Studies want to add in one of these special characters āēīōʻū that is possible too!  

Currently this add-on supports the following languages see the image to the right.

Below I will add some images that will instruct about how to add and use this awesome G Suite add-on!

Thanks for reading

Shannon Doak

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