About Me

I am an Ed.D. in Educational Technology student at Boise State University, lifelong learner, social media and mobile device enthusiast and a connected educator and leader in the area of educational technology.  I hold a Masters of Educational Technology, a degree certificate in school technology coordination and Bachelors of Education in Elementary Education. In October of 2014 I was awarded a certificate of excellence for demonstrating a repeatable high level of performance in the practice-ware training in leadership, collaboration, active listening, situational awareness and effective use of interpersonal skills from SimuLearn Inc

I come from Hawaii. In 1997 after completing my first degree, I moved to China to teach Kindergarten level ESL. I fell in love with the rich culture and the people and ended up living in Guangzhou for four and a half years.

My wife is a Chinese teacher and is also PYP trained. She holds a Masters of Education with a focus on English as a Second Language and Chinese as a Second Language (CSL).  She is certified to teach CSL.  We met in 1998 when I first moved to China.  We were married in 2000.  We have one child.  He was born in 2007.