This page will highlight some of my accomplishments, recognitions received, special skills, published works, hobbies and languages spoken.


  • Hawaii Teacher Standards Board License to teach Elementary Education K-6
  • Degree Certificate, Boise State University School Technology Coordination

Committees and Memberships

  • AECT Member
  • ISTE Member
  • Faculty Representative to the School Board (2012-13)
  • Search Committee for Director (2012-13)
  • Search Committee for Elementary Assistant Principal (2009)
  • Elementary School Building Committee (2007-2008)
  • Technology Committee (Since 2007)

ProfessionalDevelopment Workshops and Conferences Attended

EARCOS Workshop 

  • Developmental Continuums and Classroom Based Assessment
  • Building Education 3.0: From Vision to Assessment

IBO Asia Pacific Region

  • Beginning to Make the PYP Happen
  • Primary Years Program Early Years and Inquiry
  • ICT in the PYP

Technology Workshops

  • Learning 2.010 Conference
  • 21st Century Learning Conference Leading the Change Pre-Conference (8 Hours)
  • 21st Century Learning Hong Kong
  • ICT in the PYP
  • Learning 2.012 Conference with a focus on Technology Coaching and iPad usage
  • 21st Century Learning Conference 2013 HK
  • ISKL iPad Conference (Presenter)

Technology Classes and other Courses Presented.


  • After school Mac Workshop for Elementary school teachers
    • Focus on iLife software, iMovie, Photobooth etc…
  • Weekend course on Mahara for administration and faculty of The American International School of Guangzhou.
  • Weekend course on podcasts in the classroom for administration and faculty of the American international school of Guangzhou.


  • iPad iPrep
    • Tablets: Definition and History
    • Hardware tour
    • iOS (history, basics etc…)
    • Apple Assistive Touch
    • Camera App
    • Movie editing
    • Augmented Reality


  • PLN basics (Teacher PD offered @ AISG)
  • PLN Getting your feet wet (Teacher PD offered @ AISG)
  • PLN Going Further (Teacher PD offered @ AISG)
  • Specialist iPad Workshop (Teacher PD offered @ AISG)
  • Bauer, R., & Doak, S., & Murphy, R. (2014 March) Transforming the classroom through technology integration, SUNY 2014. Lecture conducted from The American International School of Guangzhou, Guangzhou, GD. (College Level Weekend Workshop for Faculty and Administration. Participants can earn 1 credit from SUNY)


  • Blogging in the Early Years (ISKL iPad Conference 2014)
  • Yammer is it right for me? (PD session conducted at AISG for Teaching Assistants)
  • Technology Integration for Education — 2014 Internationalism of Basic Education Conference, hosted by the National Center for Curriculum Study and Textbook Development (NCCT) of the China Ministry of Education.

Technology Change Implemented

  • Implemented Flexible Access for the ICT Facilitator at the Elementary School level during first year of facilitating at AISG
  • Helped setup and pilot 1:1 laptops in the 5th grade.
  • Lead the iPad pilot in the Pre-school and Kindergaten classes
  • Chaired the Digital Learning Committee responsible for furthering the use of iPads in the classroom
  • Piloted Blogs in the 4th grade and implemented grade level wide in the 5th grade.
  • Piloted 1:1 iPads in Grade 4
  • Helped with the implementation of 4th grade participation in the Flat Classroom project A Week in the Life…
  • Implemented class room blogging all classes Kindergarten to Grade 3.
  • Expanded 1:1 iPads into Grade 5

Published Work


Screen Shot 2014-05-27 at 12.48.50 PM

  • ETS Recognition of Excellence Outstanding score on Principles of Learning and Teaching Grades K-6 test
  • Simulearn–Certificate of Excellence for Demonstrating a repeatable high level of performance in the practiceware training in leadership, collaboration, active listening, situational awareness and effective use of interpersonal skills

Special Skills Technology and Non-Technology Related

Technology Related Software Based

Mac, PC, Linux,  Windows XP and 7,  OSX, Ubuntu Desktop, Moodle 2.3, Mahara, WordPress, Blogger, Edmodo, Wikispaces, Edublogs, Voicethread, Glogster, Windows Movie Maker, iMovie, Photostory 3, Power Point, Prezi, Open Office Impress,  Keynote, Garageband, Pages, Dreamweaver, Voki, Chrome, Firefox, Safari,  Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn,  Google Docs,

Technology Related Leadership Skills

Technology integration in education, Relationship building skills, Problem solving, Communication, Differentiation

Hobbies and Interests


  • English
  • Elementary conversational Mandarin

Examples of Presentations I have made.